How Do You Avoid The Cinema Ticket Queue?

You’re ready for a big-screen experience, but there’s one annoyance to overcome: all those people in the queue ahead of you. What are your best tactics for cutting down on how long it takes to get the ticket?s

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I’ve been thinking about this after reader Tim sent in his favourite trick for faster movie tickets:

If there is a long line at the cinemas to buy tickets, you can usually bypass the queue by buying them from the candy bar where there is almost always no line! I know it works with Event Cinemas in Australia.

This can indeed work well, but only if your cinema operates that way. Some cinemas only sell food at the candy bar; smaller regional cinema often have a single counter that sells everything.

Another popular tactic is to book in advance online and pick up your tickets at the cinema, where there’s often (but not always) a separate window. The potential disadvantage there is that you can get hit with booking fees that don’t apply if you buy on the spot.

How do you minimise cinema queuing time? Tell us in the comments.

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