Grab $296 Worth Of Handy Mac Apps For $39

Software bundles can be a great way to pick up some handy new apps at a huge discount, and MacBundler's latest offering is no exception. It offers up eight discounted downloads that handle tasks such as editing PDFs and creating logos.

As is the case with most software bundles, you're not going to want every app. But buying the pack for just a few programs is often worth the discount anyway. Most notable is CrossOver XI, which allows you to run Windows apps and games on your Mac, and Invoice 3, which can help you put together professional invoices for your clients. WatchMac is another cool addition that monitors your computer for security breaches.

To check out the whole bundle and get more information on each individual app, hit up MacBundler.

Summer Bundle 2 ($US39) [MacBundler]


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