Google Knowledge Graph Arrives In Australia

Google Knowledge Graph Arrives In Australia

When Google launched its Knowledge Graph search enhancements back in May, it was a US-only affair. We’ve seen scattered reports of Knowledge Graph working for some Australian Google users since then, and starting today the option should begin becoming available for Aussies.

Knowledge Graph aims to provide detailed information in response to searches, rather than just a list of web pages. In a post announcing that it will now work on all English-language Google sites, Google search SVP Amit Singhal singles out Australia: ” If you’re in Australia and search for [chiefs], you’ll get the rugby team—its players, results and history.”

As with all Google rollouts, this is likely to be gradual and take a few days (it isn’t working for me yet). Given the central role Knowledge Graph plays in the Google Now feature launched as part of Android Jelly Bean, it’s good to see it being officially supported in Australia.

Building the search engine of the future, one baby step at a time [Google Official Blog]


  • There are some things you have to watch for like rounding up of heights culled from Wikipedia which go from X.XXm to X.Xm in the box summary.

    Of course reading the bullet points of that blog post which says “Understanding the world” and “Understanding your intent” are ludicrous claims when Google can’t even figure out the language and location of a user even you give this information.

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