Gmail Canned Responses For Android Saves You Time With Quick Email Replies

Android: Gmail's canned responses feature is a great way to save time and keep your inbox clean. Now a third-party app called Gmail Canned Responses is bringing that feature to your Android device.

Gmail Canned Responses is in beta, so expect a few quirks and bugs. You need canned responses enabled in Google Labs for the app to work. Once installed, log in to Gmail and you'll see a list of your canned responses. Tap the one you need to copy it to your clipboard. The app even kicks you back to the previous program you were running and stays in the notifications bar for quick access.

Gmail Canned Responses doesn't tie in directly with the Gmail app though, so that's a bummer. The app uses OAuth to log in to Gmail, so you don't have to worry about giving a non-Google developer the keys to your Google account. It's free and available now at Google Play.

Gmail Canned Responses Beta [Google Play via CNet]


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