Get The Beautiful, Feature-Filled n7player Music Player For $0.99 This Week

Android: The feature-filled n7player music player is on sale from its usual $3 today, down to $0.99 in honour of its one millionth download.

We've talked about n7player before, and while it isn't quite as feature-filled as PowerAMP — our favorite Android player — it's pretty awesome. n7player's interface is unique and pretty, offering a tag cloud of your most listened to artists, a cover flow-like view of your albums, quick access to your now l=playing tracks, and lots more. Download the free version below, then grab the unlocker for only $0.99 before it goes back up to $3 next week.

n7player Trial and Full Version Unlocker [Google Play]


    Noooooo! I bought this the other day at full cost. I guess it is worth the $3 but still... :-P

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