Get Creative With Your Resume And Make A Greater Impact

The resume is a tough nut to crack. You don't have much time to make an impression, so you want to make sure you're worth a second look. Productivity and ideas blog 99U has a few suggestions for making a resume more creative and compelling:

The options are infinite, but the most successful examples we've found have a few qualities in common. They tell a story, inject personality while maintaining professionalism, demonstrate expertise in a relevant way, and — last but not least — pique the curiosity of their recipients.

You can see an example of one such resume above, that uses QR codes and video to make a great impact. You can see several more beautifully-designed examples by heading over to the full post at the 99U. One thing to remember, however, is that beautiful resumes like these make impacts for certain types of jobs. When creating your resume, you want your creativity to target the place you're hoping to work. That may not mean rethinking the shape and form of your document, but rather how you can make it more simple and compelling for the reader.

How To Break The mould & Reinvent Your Resumé [99U]


    This idea may work in Australia, but it is a bit much for the US. If you are applying for an artistic position, maybe. As an Engineer or Accountant - never.

      The whole thing's a minefield. The creative spark that will dazzle one employer will just piss the next one off and your outside-the-box resume will go in the bin unread.

    Would love to hear what he was saying instead of BLIPBLOPBLEEP BLIPBLOPBLEEP BLIPBLOPBLEEP

    I thought it was a rule in "What Color is your parachute " not to include a picture of yourself unless the job is modelling or acting. As a poteinal employeer I've just pushed his resume to the side based upon his unkept hair, dead eyes and his hipster glasses. Thus knocking him out of a potential interview

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