From The Tips Box: Sunglass Holders, iCloud Dropbox

Readers offer their best tips for keeping your sunglasses in your car and making iCloud work like Dropbox.

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Use a Binder Clip to Store Sunglasses on Your Car's Visor

Grant Siders sends in a neat new binder clip trick:

This is my idea of a DIY binder clip sunglasses holder for the car, It was based on the binder clip car mount, but i used a smaller clip, no rubber band, and clipped it to my pop-down sun visor. I bent in one of the binder clip wings to keep the sunglasses in place.

Make iCloud Act Like Dropbox On Your Mac

Speedbump31 makes iCloud more useful for Mac users running Dropbox:

You can create your own iCloud-styled "Dropbox" by creating an alias of the ~/Library/Mobile Documents/ folder. Put it on your desktop and call it "Dropbox" (or whatever you want really).

Now, any documents you place inside of that folder will automatically be synced into all of your other Macs that use the same iCloud account.


    Apple haz drop box - haz had for many year. Like OS X 10.1

      Translation "Apple has dropbox - has had it for many years. Starting at around OSX 10.1

      Are you for real or just trolling? It's pretty obvious that the tip is for people who use iCloud but want it to be have a little more like Dropbox on their desktop.

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