From The Tips Box: iMessages On Wi-Fi, Quick Look, Slippery Sunglasses

Readers offer their best tips for staying connected during heavy storms, using Quick Look in Mountain Lion, and keeping your sunglasses on your head.

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Turn Off Wi-Fi During Storms

David Bowman shares an important tip for those in disaster-prone areas:

In order to get text messages to go through on an iphone, it is sometimes helpful to (counterintuitively) turn off the Wi-Fi.

My parents are in New Orleans right now, and surprisingly still have power. They lost all cable/internet/phone last night though. My mum didn't understand why she wasn't getting texts anymore, as they have typically been a reliable way to communicate during storms.

This is a quirk of iMessage, and the way the iPhone handles Wi-Fi vs. cellular data in general (I think this is to be fixed in iOS 6, but I may be wrong about that). Since the phone still sees a Wi-Fi signal, despite the fact that the router has no internet connection, it continues to try to use that Wi-Fi. This is obvious when you are trying to load web pages, but may not be so obvious to less tech savvy people who don't realise the way iMessage handles texts.

The solution was simple. As soon as she turned off Wi-Fi under Settings, the texts immediately began again.

Thank you for getting this info out to your readership.

Photo by Judit Klein.

Hold Spacebar for a Simpler Quick Look in Mountain Lion

Computergeek97 shares a tip for Quick Look in Mac OS X:

In OS X Mountain Lion, you can press and hold the space bar for a preview of a file then when you release it goes away too.

I don't know if this tip works in pre-Mountain Lion versions of OS X, but if someone out there does, let us know in the comments.

Keep Your Sunglasses from Slipping with Silicone Bands

Jenn keeps her sunglasses on her head:

I found a quick and dirty way to prevent my spendy sunglasses from falling off when I have them pushed on top of my head. I love them, but it drives me nuts when they slip off and crash to the floor.

I received a 'silly bandz' from a young friend of mine. They are made of silicone and are thin — just grippy enough but not as much as a rubber band (which would pull on my hair). I wrapped one near the end of the arm of the sunglasses- I have used that for about a week and my sunglasses haven't slipped off once. It looks a bit odd, perhaps, but worth it for me to prevent them from falling and breaking.


    Similar to the iMessage issue I have one currently where I have registered for iMessage with a prepaid sim which now has no credit and data will not work but the number is still active, if the phone goes to sleep wifi turns off so the incoming message is delivered via txt instead of iMessage its really rather annoying.

    I get there may be a delay period where after a certain time the senders end will retry it it fails to be delivered but I would expect this to be hours and this happens virtually instantly. I can lock my phone wait ~5 mins for the wifi to time out and switch off and the other person can send me a message and it comes through as a txt instead. Annoying

    Just tested the quicklook thingy in Snow Leopard and it works here...

      Works in Leopard as well.

    Quick look has been around for a very long time I thought.. I thought it was general knowledge tbh. And you dont need to hold the space bar. Just tap it and it will stay open, then tap it again to close it.

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