Fix Mistakes On Google Maps With Map Maker

Google Maps is a fantastic resource, but it certainly isn't perfect. Just as it promised back in June, Google has introduced its Map Maker option to Australia, which lets individual users flag mistakes and add extra information such as walking trails.

Maps already has an option to flag incorrect information (right-click on a map and choose 'Report a problem' ), but Map Maker lets you actually sketch in new details such as roads and paths. Contributions have to go through an approval process, but this should still improve detail for walkers and cyclists (who also got a recent boost with cycling directions on maps).

Google Map Maker [via Google Australia Blog]


    GMaps already kicks Bing's arse for actually finding what you search for - assuming the approval process is adequate, I'm hoping this means even less errors and explicit plotting of walking tracks etc.

    so far it seems to be working pretty well. The only problem seems to be multiple changes - I want to fix up a bike path near home, but I've already made a change to a connecting path. A googler needs to approve the change before any more modifications are allowed.

    Here's why you should NOT contribute to Google Map Maker...

    ...and instead contribute to the not-for-profit project

    Now it great time to get involved in OpenStreetMap in Australia. We're going through a licence change process which is a bit complicated but, long story short, there are some new gaps in the map in Australia which we need to get filled in. Please take a look at and check if there are any details in your neighbourhood which need adding. Together we can create an free open-licensed map of Australia and the world.

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