Fast Burst Camera Shoots Multiple Photos In Seconds On Any Android Device

Android: Fast Burst Camera allows any Android device to take rapid-fire snapshots in quick succession, much like the burst shooting modes on newer phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X. You can capture up to 30 frames a second if your camera allows it, making it ideal for capturing fast-moving events or grabbing pictures for an animation.

Fast Burst Camera works by taking dozens of shots and then caching them in active memory until you're finished shooting. When you stop shooting, the app will then save each individual photo to your phone's internal storage or SD card. This process lets you take lots of photos at one time, but can take a long time to actually save your photos to the gallery after you've finished shooting.

You get some control over this issue in the app: you can tell Fast Burst Camera what resolution you want to shoot in (higher resolutions mean longer save times), and how much memory the app should use to buffer your photos. When we tested the free version of the app, it did its job pretty well, though not as smoothly as burst shooting on a higher-end device.

The app comes in two flavors: a free and ad-supported version, and a $US4 Pro version. The latter offers additional features including auto-focus, zoom, and the ability to disable the shutter sound (potentially annoying if you take lots of shots.)

Fast Burst Camera isn't the only app that does this — many alternative camera apps, including our favorite, CameraZOOM FX, offer burst shooting modes that are very similar.

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