Fancy An SSD Today? 60GB Drives For $48.95, 240GB For $179.95 [Updated]

It's getting harder and harder to say no to solid state drives, with prices dropping well into the affordable range over the past few months. Buying from the US usually provides the best deal, but if you're keen to purchase locally, today is your day. Shopping Square is currently running a massive sale on Kingston and Sandisk SSDs, with the cheapest going for less than $50.

Here's a round-up of the drives on offer, including their current price and saving off the RRP:

  • Intel 120GB — $108.95 (45 per cent off)
  • Kingston 60GB — 48.95 (69 per cent off)
  • Kingston 120GB — $79.95 (60 per cent off)
  • Kingston 240GB — $184.95 (54 per cent off)
  • Sandisk 240GB — $179.95 (11 per cent off)

Note that each drive you purchase beyond the first will receive a 50 per cent shipping discount (shipping is $9.99 to anywhere in Australia).

The sale is on for another five days, but I imagine most of the drives will sell out before then — the 120GB and 480GB Sandisks are already unavailable, though they're described as "Coming Soon", which suggests more stock might be on its way.

UPDATE - 1:55PM: Looks like the 60GB drives are sold out! That didn't take long.

MEGA SSD Drive Sale - From $48.95 [Shopping Square, via OzBargin]

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    Decent delivery cost too, good deal if you need one!

    can these fit in laptops? Say a macbook pro?

      Yeah, but which model of MacBook Pro? I believe any of the models released this year have their own proprietary SSD so that's a no go, but the models before you should be fine. should be able to help you identify what is in your MacBook Pro and if it is possible to pop an SSD into one!

        Wow seriously, they were very proprietory before... Plus I think the new one is unable to be opened too, so double whammy on that one!

          Well actually, before 2012 or 2011, they were 2.5" Sata drives. You're possibly thinking of the MacBook Air. Before when you had a choice of SSD or Mechanical HDD in the MacBook Pro they were indeed swappable. Have a look on iFixit there amongst their teardowns.

      I have the Sandisk 240GB SSD shown above in my 2009 Macbook Pro.

        I'm gonna be chucking one of the 240GB Sandisks in my 2008 MacBook Pro. I imagine it will work...

    Yes they can, easy to install just youtube it if not sure

    This might be a stupid question, but can they be used externally like an External HDD? Can you just plug them in via USB?

      You'll need an encloser (or possibly a SATA-USB adapter or SATA port on your machine) but yes.

        Encloser? Wow, that was a bit special.


        I'll be in the corner.

    I bought an Intel 330 series 120 gig 2 days ago for $109 locally, picked up in store so perhaps these prices are the norm now.

    I've tried the 120GB Sandisk Extreme for 109 AUD for my Windows computer and it worked very well. There is absolutely no reason not to get one of these SSDs at this price. If you need to install very large games, just install them to a larger secondary drive. Also set your user folders to the secondary drive, so your downloads and photos don't hog the SSD>
    doing factory scoop on SSD tooo!

    Sale? Mwave has consistantly lower prices for this everyday..:

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