Facebook Has A New iOS App, And It's Twice As Fast As The Old One

Facebook has finally addressed the molasses-like speed problems of its iOS app, building a completely new, native app that's twice as fast at launching, loading pictures and scrolling through the News Feed.

The interface is nearly identical to the old app, despite it being rewritten from the ground up. The main difference is speed: images load lightning fast now, the app launches much faster, and notifications are available instantly (which was a huge annoyance in the old version). You'll still have to endure that "Loading" wheel whenever you access someone's profile or head to a new page, but even its speed has been improved a bit from the last version.

The app also has a few new features, including a "New Stories" banner at the top of the News Feed that keeps you up to date, and a downward swipe gesture that closes photos whenever you're viewing them. If you had given up on the Facebook app, it's time to give it another shot — you'll be shocked at how much better it is.

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    Can it make the news feed order stick? I'm fed up with switching to sort by date and having it switch back to top news.

    Wow, i just downloaded it and took a quick test. From the news roll i scrolled as fast as my iDevice would let me, the moment i paused the item below was loading. I thought to myself "very clever trick, I'll just quickly scroll back up to see all the other items that were not prioritised"

    Nope. All loaded.

    Can I 'save' photos that I like?

      I just take a screenshot...

      Yes, just tap and hold down on the photo and a save button will appear.

    Only twice as fast? I got to see this lol

    Internal Memo - not for publication:

    Dear Facebook Team,

    In line with our strategy of changing the look, feel and use of the user experience on a regular basis, we have launched a new iOS application which delivers significant performance improvements. While this new app does not make it more difficult or less intuitive for the user, it does so for several good reasons which I will now outline.

    While we have taken many steps to continually frustrate the user base, this development would appear to have failed to do so, resulting in an increase in user satisfaction. While disturbing and ordinarily unacceptable, this failure to meet our corporate directive of 'Continual Frustration through Needless Change' (refer to page 2 of your employee manual), the Mobile Platform Development team are piloting a new form of CFtNC under the working title of 'Glimmer of Hope' which, in essence, aims to raise the hopes of users with occasional improvements, only to disappoint them further at a later date. Our R&D team have been providing a substantial volume of support to the mobile Platform Dev team via a study into the erosion of disappointment through predictability. The R&D team have discovered that disrupting the predictability of disappointment, disappointment (and so frustration) can be maintained at high levels, virtually indefinitely.

    To recap, this 'improvement' is in line with the Facebook CFtNC directive.

    In other news: Be sure to comment and 'like' this month's initiative from the User Account Sub-Dictatorship for their work deleting cosplay accounts earlier this week without warning. Great work UASD. Keep an eye out next month, when the UASD will be converting all memorial Facebook pages to Timeline, and auto-adding 'Died' to the Events with all comments/farewells auto-adding a 'like' to the " died." post. We expect a strong backlash with several FOGs (Facebook Outrage Groups) springing up, bolstering advertising revenues.

    Please remember to direct any media enquiries for comment on any matter to [email protected]

    Please continue to ignore any investor enquiries, including your own.


    It's interesting that today, the same day gizmodo publishes an article saying HTML5 apps are the way of the future, Facebook rewrites their app without HTML5 to produce a better experience. You'd think if it was the way of the future, Facebook would stick with it. Html5 is nice and developer friendly, but by its very nature it will always lag behind native apps from a performance point of view.

      Read the comments, it's a mixed response. Yes HTML5 apps are the way of the future, but in my opinion we're not ready for that just yet. At least not until HTML5 standards are completely finalised. I'm glad Facebook didn't stick with HTML5, it might be extra work to keep the iOS and Android apps maintained, but the result is worth it - people are already a lot more satisfied.

    just given the updated app a whirl, not bad, some nice 'interface' improvements but still cannot share posts, Am I the only one that wants this?

    "Twice as fast as the old one" and still the shittiest app in the store.

    The apparent speed improvements in this update is actually just an effect of Facebook's TimeSuck feature, previously perfected on the desktop browser, and now ported to mobile.

    Just like at the computer, TimeSuck will remove the seconds the app takes to load from the user's memory, giving the illusion of speed.

    But seriously, "You’ll still have to endure that “Loading” wheel whenever you access someone’s profile or head to a new page, but even its speed has been improved a bit".
    So they've made the wheel spin FASTER?

    Even facebook cant give you a better internet connection. They could fix the lag by pre-loading a complete copy of facebook onto your phone, but the bandwidth use would spike a bit.

    So when are they releasing the same groundup update for android?

    How do you change the cover photo?
    And I can't view most recent on the news feed it says so posts found?

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