Facebook For Android Adds Event Creation, Improves Photo Uploading

Facebook's Android app has today received an update (there's also an overhauled iOS app). The update for Android includes the ability to create events right from your phone, upload multiple photos at once and add emoji to your messages.

Event creation is an extremely welcome update that lets you create events on the go and invite friends right from your phone. The new release also has a better photo uploader that lets you upload multiple photos at once, so you no longer have to use the Facebook Camera app. Lastly, you can add emoticons in Facebook messages, although some users seem to be having trouble finding the option. Head into the Google Play store to update your version of the app.

Facebook [Google Play via Engadget]


    All I really want in the Android version is for them to add the Share link at the bottom of posts.....

    It also has this awesome gambling feature which means the app has a 33% chance of crashing .

      Hmm, they must not like you, Steve. I got much better odds: at least 50% chance it'll fail somehow.

    cool now how do i get facebook off my android phone? lifehacker ? google? fackbook? anyone?

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