Dye Methylated Spirits To Avoid Accidental Consumption

It's handy to have a bottle of methylated spirits lying around for cleaning or lighting stoves when you're out camping, but it's not fun when someone mistakes it for drinking water. A drop or two of food colouring is all you need to prevent this nasty surprise from happening to anyone.

This tip comes from Brian's Backpacking Blog, which notes that colouring the methylated spirits doesn't impact its efficiency and has the added benefit of making it easier to measure and pour the liquid. You can also label the bottle with a skull and crossbones or use a bottle that can't be mistaken for a water bottle.

Making Denatured Alcohol User Friendly [Brian's Backpacking Blog]


    Most metho is now dyed purple in the bottle anyway and you must be pretty retarded not to smell the metho before drinking and swallowing it.

    That metho now looks like midouri!

      I was thinking green cordial. The Kid's will really go for it!

    I would have thought the child proof cap would be a dead giveaway. It always has a nasty taste added to it.

    I think the best tip is to never put methylated spirits into another container and use it directly from the labelled, child unfriendly bottle.

    I'm not sure about food colouring, wouldn't children mistake it for sweetened water or vodka cruisers?

    See laws regarding storage and labeling (should be similar in all states)

    I prefer to keep my poisonous chemicals in containers labelled such, not dyed to look like cordial.

    I've seen a few people on Melbourne's Smith Street who wouldn't understand the phrase 'Accidental consumption of Meths'

    I've seen metho bottles for camping and they are not child unfriendly. And can be mistaken for a water bottle in the dark or in a rush... there goes the colouring tip.

    If you bring a container of metho to your lips (i.e. under your NOSE) and can't tell it isn't water then you are probably going to poison yourself one way or another anyway.

    Anyone stupid enough to actually do this should immediately drink an entire bottle of metho right now.

    Stupidest tip ever!, like WTF said anyone who manages to not notice the smell, after getting past the childproof cap, deserves it!... not to mention the unique non-water bottle looking shape :/ thanks for making our generation stupider than it needs to be!

    Umm, wow! This should be of great assistance to all of those dark skinned individuals wandering the inner metro streets at night, metho bottle in hand mistaken for water.

    Seriously though, how about keeping it in the original bottle and labelled as such. Would that not be somewhat safer? o_o

    Load of Cobblers. In Australia Meths does NOT contain ANY poisons as it usually does overseas and is therefore dyed (usually purple) A Litre of Meths in Australia contains 95% Ethanol and 5% water. At least in this country we're treated as responsible adults. Now I've told you this Please DON'T prove me wrong.

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