Doctor Who Still On A Week’s Delay In Australia

Doctor Who Still On A Week’s Delay In Australia

We often use Doctor Who as a measure of how committed networks are to ensuring we can see shows soon after their overseas broadcast. Season 7 will kick off at 7:30pm on Saturday September 8, one week after it first appears in the UK.

That’s the same pattern we saw last year. It’s not an ideal arrangement, as that still leaves a week where dedicated fans have to avoid spoilers. If the ABC showed the episode on a Sunday evening, we’d have nothing to complain about. That said, it’s still a faster turnaround than most other networks manage, especially since fast-tracking broadcasts seems to have become less common.

Will you wait for the ABC broadcast, or hunt down a copy as soon as the UK broadcast finishes? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Australia has long been a loyal follower of the Doctor’s adventures for the majority of it’s entire run, while territories like the US and Canada have only (fairly) recently jumped on the bandwagon and yet still get to see it at the same time as the UK. It’s a pity the ABC doesn’t reward loyalty in this country. Thank god for the internet.

  • I’ll probably do the same as I did last year, stream it online (generally pretty crap quality) as soon as it’s available, then enjoy it again on TV (bigger screen, good speakers, better quality) on the weekend. Best of both worlds.
    That being said, I think the ABC’s doing a pretty good job. I would suspect that as Dr Who is a BBC property, a non-BBC network wouldn’t be able to do much better than a week.

    • I think the reason for the australian delay is actually because the ABC really wants Dr Who in the Saturday Night timeslot. But the BBC airs Doctor who on brittish Saturday Nights too, which is the wee hours of Sunday morning for us. So, that means we have to wait until the following week to see the episode. As Angus noted in his article, if the ABC were to air it on Sunday nights instead, there wouldn’t be a time delay issue.

      I guess the alternative is for the BBC to release the episodes to foreign countries before they’ve aired in the UK, but that means we’d get to see the episodes 8 to 10 hours before the UK, which doesn’t really seem fair.

      The final option is for us to lobby parliament to change our official timezone from GMT+10 (or in my case GMT+8) to GMT-14 (or GMT-16).

  • I might not mind having to wait a week if only ABC didn’t broadcast it in standard definition blockovision. Standard definition is bad enough but thanks to every network having 3 or 4 channels each, our channels are so over compressed that they don’t even look good by SD standards. Each network should be limited to two channels each. Most of them don’t have enough good shows to fill up one network anyway. Most of it is all reality crap.

    ABC has squandered their HD channel on news much like how the other networks have squandered their HD channels to show 70s shows while putting all the HD made shows on their SD channels. Our TV channels have chosen quantity of channels over video quality.

    • +1

      It is a disgrace that Australian TV networks are getting away with broadcasting in standard definition.
      We even have channels like TV4ME and eXtra wasting valuable spectrum broadcasting utterly mindless advertorial rubbish.

      ABC News 24 being broadcast in HD is beyond stupid. So many good HD shows like Dr Who could be aired on ABC 1 and 2 instead.

      In terms of TV broadcasting in Australia, the government and the ACMA have not just been asleep at the wheel; they are not even on the bus.

  • I’ve been Watching the Dr and his adventures for the last 40 odd years. Its always been on week nights usually 6 pm although later years 7:30 pm
    I look forward to sitting down with my son at the end of my work day and watching it together.
    I quite enjoy Matt’s manic version of the Doctor.. He’s quite funny.
    I would be very disappointed to see it pushed to a Saturday night time slot. Its the only regular cult Scifi we have left Star trek is gone, Star Gate, gone to name a few… Networks opting for the reality TV and talent show cash cow – Oh God how I hate reality TV. It’s like the beige brigade has taken over the Movie and Television industries, sticking with the safe choices..
    Anyway I digress..

  • lets see… HD within minutes of it airing in the UK through bittorrent.

    or wait a week, plug in my tv, and watch it in SD at a pre determined time with no way to pause or rewatch.

    the choice is obvious isnt it.

    • No, dedicated fans support the network that has been showing it for almost 50 years and wait the week to watch it. What you call “dedicated”, substitute with “impatient”- and last I heard, impatience wasn’t a virtue.

      • How is watching it on ABC dedication to Doctor Who? Dedication to ABC, perhaps.

        Download it, participate in discussion with the global fan community then support the BBC by purchasing the DVD/Bluray.

  • A week is fine. At least we know the ABC will show the series in it’s entirety

    There will be no breaks or inserted repeats without warning to pad the season

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