Do You Wear A Wristwatch?

Most people seem to use their mobile phones to keep track of the time these days, which means watches on wrists is becoming a rare sight. Bits, the New York Times' tech blog, thinks the new wristwatch will be a gadget that keeps track of our health, like the Nike Fuelband or Pebble Smartwatch. That got us thinking: do you still wear a wristwatch?

I'll admit that I only wear a watch when I'm dressed up, but a quick poll of the team at Lifehacker HQ turned up a few holdouts who still wear them to keep time, partially so they don't have to pull their phones out of their pockets just to see the time. When we asked this question early last year, almost half our readers were dedicated watch wearers.

Even though wristwatches are becoming less common, it's not like the tech world hasn't tried to put tiny computers on our wrists before. Calculator watches, iPod Nano watch straps, bulky MP3 player watches — they've all been tried, but we just don't wear them. Will the rush towards fitness-tracking gadgets convince us to strap a gadget to our wrists again?

Disruptions: The Next Wave for the Wristwatch [Bits]


    I feel naked leaving my home without my watch.

    I need mine for work anyway. My watch is dual time, digital and analogue. I set analogue to local, and digital to utc. Yes, I work in aviation.


      I will turn around and drive home on the odd times I have forgotten it. It is so easy to turn your wrist and see time and date. I always buy a digital and analogue model to get best of both worlds.

      Watches FTW

    And your favourite broom is ???

    No but what is the watch pictured because I would wear that!

      It's a Pebble, a project that was funded on kick starter

      It is the Pebble smartwatch that was on Kickstarter recently. the image is from the kickstarter video, the animation of the watch face will make you want it even more.

    I will leave my watch at home when I get the implant in my head! Until then, I don't need to carry my phone if I don't want too and can still get the time. Besides that, without my watch on, my day gets all out of whack and I hate that.. :)

    Always. At home or out and about. It doesn't matter - I always have a watch on :) Mind you, I'm a bit of a collector and have over 40 of the things ;)

    Do I wear a wristwatch? Yes.
    Am I wearing it today? No. Thanks for making me realise I forgot it, now I feel naked.

    Casio databank.... oh yeah.

    I have a Tokyo flash LED watch but don't wear it very often. reading this has inspired me. time to slap it back on!

    WIsh the idiots replacing my Casio *SCIENTIFIC* calculator watch in the late 1980's hadn't neglected to replace the water-safe seal, as just wearing it caused sweat to get into it and kill it. I'd love another one. For a while I wore Disney watches. Now I wear Swatches. I had a Rolex for a while in my early 30's when I worked in a law firm and everyone had one. Sold it as too pretentious shortly after I started a new job elsewhere.

    Really, this has got to be an article from America because people there tend rely on their mobiles rather than wearing watches. It's the opposite in Australia - more people seem to wear them than not.

    Err, I mean replacing the BATTERY IN, not replacing the watch. Sigh, mornings.

    I got my first watch when I was 5 y.o. Never stopped wearing one since then. Love the feeling of the watch on my wrist.

    I live by the credo - spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch. Everything else is excess to needs.

      What no keys?

    "Most people seem to use their mobile phones to keep track of the time these days, which means watches on wrists is becoming a rare sight."

    No, they don't. This is an impression given by hipsters and techheads and has no root in reality. If anything, watch sales are increasing, so this statement makes no sense.

    Wear a wrist watch everywhere. Much easier. Can't take my phone everywhere.

    I've got a couple of 70's jump hour watches I love to wear, an old Rolex for dressy occasions and an i'm Watch for every day use.
    I like to have a watch on, but I don't mind too much when I forget one.
    As johnd says, I'm not sure there has been an actual decline in people wearing watches really.

    Omega Planet Ocean - don't leave home without it

    Haven't worn a watch in yeeears. Very interested in Pebble, assuming they bother getting it to work with WP7/8 as well as iDevices/Androids. I have very little need to know exactly what time it is at any given moment: if something important is coming up, my phone will buzz with a reminder.

    Otherwise, for my needs precise knowledge of the exact time is pretty much unnecessary.

    I wear a watch EVERYday. I hate being without it, as others have said, I feel naked. I have a few that I rotate, my daily is a G-Shock, hopefully soon to be replaced with a Pebble. I also havea few nice watches for if I'm going out etc.

    Haven't worn a watch since I got my first mobile phone. But am eagerly awaiting my Pebble. :-)

    I feel naked without a wrist watch, to me it is backwards using your phone as a clock all the time, its like going back to the pocket watch... want to get a pebble once the pre-orders ship lol.

    I wear a Casio ProTrek - it has functions my smartphone doesn't :)

    I've been wearing the same plain old analogue watch (with several replacement bands) just about every day for the past 9 years. As has been said, I feel naked without it.

    I love my wrist watch.
    It's battery life is a lot more reliable then my phone.

    Yes. Just the other day, in fact, I realised that I have a piece of technology around my wrist, and suddenly my watch now feels like a novelty.
    It's where I saw my iPhone headed: from my pocket to my wrist.
    We need app watches! Go Kickstarter projects! :D

    Always wear my watch. So much more convenient than looking at something I keep in my pocket (like old school pocket watches, if you think about it - predecessors to wrist watches).

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