Do You Want A Fridge Inside Your Fridge Door?

Yes, you read that correctly. LG's new refrigerator range sports a "door in door" option, with a small fridge for frequently-accessed items behind a door panel and then a second larger fridge chamber behind it.

LG's argument for the approach is twofold: you can find items you want without hunting through lots of other stuff, and the design minimises temperature loss, ensuring food is stored more reliably.

It's not a cheap option: the 'heroGR-D907SL 907Ltr French Door Fridge (which goes on sale in September and has a whopping 907 litre capacitity) is $4599. The cheapest model in the range, out in November, is a smaller 659 litres $3299.

Sticker shock aside, I'm not entirely persuaded: I can always find everything I need in my fridge, and if anything goes off it's usually the fault of my disorganisation, not opening the door too often. That said, I live on my own, and I recognise fridge management is a bigger challenge in larger families or households.

So I'm curious: would you find this a useful option in your kitchen? Tell us (and tell us why) in the comments.


    That's just asking for the Xzibit meme to come visit.


        Yo dawg I herd u liek cold food, so I put a fridge door in your fridge door so you can cool while u cool!

    I'd expect the biggest appeal is in saving power by not opening the main body of the fridge so regularly.

      I think it would be too, but I can't see the energy savings outweighing the additional cost of the second door anytime soon (if ever).
      Also, the materials that go into producing the door would negate the environmental benefits of lower energy consumption too...

      Plus the fact that I can see myself opening the wrong fridge door when I'm looking for something that is contained within the mini-fridge; thus again negating any energy savings...

    I'm still waiting for my internet fridge.

      Didn't they have that once, you had a touch screen on the fridge door that would order food for you when stock got to a certain level? Or was that just an overseas thing that never happened here?

    So, how much is the "option"? You just gave the full fridge price.

    I'm sure I saw one of the other manufacturers with a very similar feature a couple of years back.
    It's not a feature I'd look for in a fridge, but if one on my shortlist came with it, it may swing the balance.

      Hahah! *Swing* the balance? ;)

    Sounds good in principal. Wouldn't pay that much for a fridge though!

    It's actually not too bad an idea. By keeping, say, milk and juice in the door, you are not loosing the main bulk of cold air every time you want a coffee/ drink. Inside the fridge will remain at a more constant temperature, and the power needs should drop slightly.

    I can see where this is going; how long before they release the ‘heroGR-D907SL 907Ltr French Door Fridge Mach III' featuring a door within a door with a door?

      Yo dawg, we heard you like fridges...

    You expose yourself to the same problems as in-door ice makers. We were happy with our Samsung fridge until the ice-maker started playing up (the little flap stayed open, causing the freezer to ice up), and the final diagnosis was that it needed an entirely new door - the individual parts that were at fault were not sufficiently repairable.

    Our cheap fix is to turn the entire fridge off/on - nuclear weapon to crack an egg, but cheaper than a new fridge.

    One would imagine that this door-in-door product would require a much deeper fridge cavity as well, which many kitchens may not lend themselves to.

    I have a hatch - I think they call it a 'Breakfast Bar' - on my Samsung fridge. It's handy for accessing milk and wine bottles without opening the main door. A whole self-contained fridge in the door seems like overkill, though.

    This isn't new - or at least while it might be new in Australia it's certainly not a new concept. Friends in Korea have had fridges like this for years (along with a personal dry-cleaning appliance in their laundry!). It's quite handy for things like water and other frequent access items.

    My folks had a similar model back in the early 90's (in South Africa) that had the little door for milk/juice. (At the time I was more impressed with the fridge being plumbed in with an automatic water/ice dispenser....)
    I figured the design wasn't that effective since none of the other manufacturers had copied it....

    wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a mini fridge for milk, juice, a few drinks or whatever things u need quickly and more often?? cost about $80??? ...

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