DIY Lemon Vinegar Ice Cubes For Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

If you want to keep your garbage disposal clean and free from odours household weblog Turnstyle Vogue recommends making ice cubes with white vinegar and a slice of lemon in each cube.

Put these cubes in a freezer bag and you'll have enough to keep your disposal spic and span as well as fresh smelling for a while. Run one cube through the disposal each day.

Clean your Garbage Disposal With These! [Turnstyle Vogue]


    Garbage disposal? We call that a bin over here. Don't get the US obsession with trying to dispose of everything down the sink.

      You can get disposals here, my dad (in america) has an In-sink-erator and i love it, you can rinse dishes and get rid of food that inevitably stinks up the bin (or forces you to take the bin out earlier than needed [and hence wasting garbage bags]). Not to mention in some kitchens the moronic designers never consider places for bins and so they can be quite awkward to scrape crap into, in my last place I had to take the bin out of the under sink cupboard to use, very painful.

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