DIY Goo Gone

Goo Gone is a commercial degreaser we like because it makes removing sticker or tape residue a breeze. But if you're looking to save money or you enjoy making your own cleaning agents you can make it yourself with petrol and citrus oil.

Frugal living weblog The Simple Dollar author Trent Hamm reports that he has success making homemade Goo Gone using one part gasoline to four parts citrus oil mixed in a spray bottle. You can make citrus oil by putting the rinds of three oranges in 3.7L of sealed water for 10 days then straining out the rinds. Get the gas by taking a small jar with a lid with you the next time you fill up and add 30-60mL — a little goes a long way.

It may not be 100 per cent as potent as commercial Goo Gone, but even if it's only 50 per cent as efficient if you eat oranges and drive a car the homemade version is basically free.

For one time uses you can get a similar effect by using vodka, vinegar, or lighter fluid.

Image: Inha Leex Hale

The Frugal Geek's Toolbox [The Simple Dollar]


    Pretty sure this a bad idea ona number of levels. You shouldn't be keeping petrol Ina an unapproved container for a start off. By law you can't fill a glass bottle at a servo. If the container isn't vented you'll get vapor build up in the bottle even after its mixed with citrus oil. I wouldnt be putting this mix on anything delicate or plastic Anyway, WD40 does the job fine and is a lot safer and can be used on plastics.

    Isn't petrol a cancer causing agent? And I'm sure it wrecks anything made of norrmal plastic.

    Eucalyptus oil works well on adhesive reidue.

    Acetone, thats what you need, I went to bunnings a while ago and read the "active ingredients" list, and then purchased Acetone (incidentally on the same shelf) at half the price of "Goo Off".

    The smell from Acetone quickly dissapates, Petrol on the other hand, stinks for days.

    given the price of petrol, could I buy goo gone and use it to run my car? exhaust would smell nice, too...

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