Ditch The Tray At The Buffet To Keep Your Portions In Check

Buffet restaurants and hotel breakfasts can be all-too-tempting opportunities to throw moderation out the window. One way to keep your meal size in check at a buffet is to skip the tray and eat only what you can carry in your hands.

The folks at Greatist have a wealth of solid tips on how to avoid buffet binging, but one that stood out to us was skipping the stack of trays and picking up a single plate. We've all seen people walking around buffets with three or four plates on a tray — this trick will help you eat in moderation from the get-go. (If your buffet doesn't offer a tray, you should be grateful.) Combine it with another suggestion to sit as far away as you can from the buffet table, and you'll be able to give yourself the mental pause needed to keep your meal in check. As we noted yesterday, hotel breakfasts are often overpriced anyway — eating elsewhere could save money and keep your waistline in check.

16 Tips to Conquer Buffet Binging [Greatist]


    Gotta say something about this. Buffets are not all created equal, and hotel breakfasts are not a uniformly bad thing if one is after something more than "some food".

    I lived out bush for several years, far away from anything other than fried-Chinese smorgasbord meals, and far away from even 4-star hotel experiences let alone 4.5. Just before I left, a Sizzler opened in town, and miners from far and wide and their families piled in to eat Sizzler out of house and home. The quantity and kilojoule value of food consumed there by country folk in a town where weights are above average had to be seen to be believed.

    On the other hand... I recently returned to civilisation on the East Coast. One of my rights of passage when transitioning back from bush life to city life was Sunday brekkie at one of the large 4.5 star hotels in the city to which I'd relocated. I knew I was really "back home" to my kind of world when I could take the train to the CBD and eat a wonderful, healthy (I skip the fried greasy stuff and stay with beans, salads, japanese breakfast foods, and piles of fruits), high-end breakfast in a nice setting, and, yes, afford the high price of said experience which was more than half my entire weekly food budget out bush. FWIW: I told them their plates were too large, and asked them for a smaller plate. I did still go back for a second plate, but the size of the plate used makes a significant difference in the amount of food consumed. In that case, I paid for the experience as well as the food. And when I was a frequent business traveller a decade ago, I often did the same because it was a relaxing way to start the day, and then I'd economise on dinner later.

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