Decline Calls And Rewind Music With Your iPhone's Headset

You probably know you can answer calls and control music with your iPhone's headset, but it actually has other shortcuts too. Here's how to decline calls, fast-forward music and more without taking your headphones out.

Photo by Nicholas Lundgaard.

Chris D'Lando runs through eight different functions of the Apple remote headphones over at Tekserve. While most of them are ones you probably already knew, there are a few that are a bit more obscure:

To fast-forward through the current track, press the centre Button twice and hold the second press. To rewind, press the centre Button three times and hold on the third press. Release the centre Button to resume playing.

You can ignore an incoming phone call by holding down the centre Button for roughly two seconds. After you release the button, two beeps will let you know the call has been successfully declined.

You can also switch calls, activate Siri and take pictures from afar. Hit the link to get Tekserve's full list of iPhone headset shortcuts.

8 Things You May Not Know Your Apple Headphones Can Do [Tekserve]


    "...without taking your headphones out."
    Do you mean taking your "phone out"?

      No, without taking your headphones out of your ears

        That doesnt make sense - if you're wearing the apple headphones you wouldn't take them out of your ears to do any of the things described above, whether you knew these tricks or not. You don't take them out to turn down the music or rewind, and you wouldn't take them out of your ears to decline a call. I think Alex is right.

          Exactly! Thanks Tom for agreeing. :D

    Here's a handy video to demonstrate the awesome power of using only one button:

      ...and by Tom I mean Tony... :l

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