Dealhacker: Cheap Bag Clips From ALDI

IKEA's $ Bevera bag sealing clips are one of our favourite bargain buys. Tomorrow morning, ALDI has a similar offering: just $1.99 for 20 bag clips.

Unlike IKEA, the ALDI offering also includes labels, which could be handy if you need a way to identify that random frozen item a few months down the track. However, they're not actually cheaper than IKEA, which sells 10 for $0.99 and 30 for $1.99. (IKEA charged $4.99 for 30 until quite recently.) That said, ALDI is more accessible for many people than an IKEA store.

Clips aren't a substitute for containers with sealable lids, but they're very handy if you don't want to decant everything you purchase. (As ever, I'm not a fan of the cupcake maker that's also on sale.)



    completely unrelated but angus, you might like this

    "with saleable lids"
    should be
    "with sealable lids"

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