Cut Ice Cream With A Knife

If you need to serve ice cream to several people at once Real Simple magazine's weblog shares that you can save time and your wrist by cutting a cylindrical ice cream carton in half, pulling off the carton, and then cutting each half into several slices.

This works great when serving up cake and ice cream together. Just make sure you get it into bowls before melting.

Dicing the Ice Cream [Real Simple]


    Cutting the carton in half? That sounds like a lot more effort than just scooping out ice cream to everyone.

      Not the american waxed cardboard ones (like the ones ben and jerry's comes in), the plastic 2L tubs wouldn't work very well.

      The semi circle of ice cream does look good though, however youd want to either be using all the ice cream or have an alternate container big enough to fit the ice cream but small enough for the freezer.

    Because cutting an entire icecream carton in half is a lot easier than using an icecream scoop.

    Cut icecream with a knife! Comb your hair with a spoon!

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