Crackle Offers Free Old Movies And TV Shows On Your Mobile Device

Crackle Offers Free Old Movies And TV Shows On Your Mobile Device

Most studio-backed movie and TV streaming services have fierce geo-blocking, making them inaccessible outside the US without networking trickery. Sony-backed Crackle is an exception, with its roster of (mostly older) movies and TV shows freely available for viewing in Australia.

Crackle has been around for quite a while; I’ll admit I only noticed it because a Windows Phone 7 app was recently released, reaffirming that the service does work down under. You can also get native apps for iOS and Android, or watch in your browser.

While there’s no mega-hit titles on offer, it’s a useful addition to your bookmarks if you want legal content streamed to your mobile. You can watch shows without signing up; a free account lets you set up watch lists.



  • lol i found crackle on my bluray player last night and had a look through, everyone should watch this show right now its like being on drugs without the side effects


  • aawwwwesome. DLing the WP7 app nao, will see what I can stream later on. Heaps of old TV and movies I’ve never got around to seeing, would be great to have them legally streamed at my leisure while I’m chillin’ in bed.

  • Lotta crappy old stuff there… Some gems in the shiz though, but it takes a bit of looking. Mostly their TV shows are these 5 minute “webisode” things which get a bit frustrating to watch because they’re so short.

  • There’s an Xbox 360 app for it aswell. I’ve used it a handful of times, and it works a treat. I believe it requires a gold Live subscription though.

  • Sounds pretty good. Although had to snicker when I looked at the screenshots in the app store & every one of them shows a nearly dead battery meter lol. Was probly the only reason I wouldn’t bother with it anyways, battery runs out quick enough..

  • A grand total of eight TV shows on offer… I think I’ll just stick to torrenting.

    Although this did remind me that the new episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is up, so thanks.

  • When I use crackle on my phone, it has about 10x the amount of content that it has when I use it on my xbox or tv. Same region settings. Has anyone else encountered this???

    • Yep. On PS3 the selection is just rubbish (not to mention, it doesn’t actually work properly), but on my WP7.5 phone there’s heaps of stuff. I’ve never watched much TV so no idea if it’s any good, but there are quite a few movies there I’d never got around to watching so there’s that! ^_^

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