Clover Brings Chrome's Tabbed Interface To Windows Explorer

Windows: Do you want tabs in Windows Explorer to work the same way they do in Google Chrome? You can now mimic the look and functionality of Chrome's tabs with an app called Clover.

Once Clover is installed, Windows Explorer will have tabs that work almost exactly like the ones in Chrome. Ctrl+T opens a new tab, Ctrl+W closes it, middle-click closes a tab, and there's even a new tab box that you can click. If you right-click on a tab, you also get the same contextual menu options, including the option to re-open a closed tab, duplicate an existing tab, or pin a tab to the back of the list.

Clover is free and runs on Windows XP and higher (including the Windows 8 RTM). We tested the app in Windows 7 without any problems. The tabbed interface is snappy and fast, and it complements the stock explorer UI. The developer's site is in Chinese, but he has an English page on his site (linked below). To download the app, hit this Google Translate link. for the front page and click "Download".

Clover 2 - Wings for Your Windows Explorer! [Ejie via gHacks]


    I don't mind the default tabs ability, but it would be nice if I could customise the top bars, as you can in Firefox. The current setup is awful and probably the main reason I don't use IE. Which is a pity because IE 10 has some nice features.

      Problem is, this is an app for Windows Explorer :)

        You know what! ... ! I'm going back to bed...! :)

    This is the best thing ever! I was using qttab before and it was usable but not very smooth. This works great.

    nice, works quite well. might take a while to get used to looking for the Clover in the task bar

    I'll let it last the day, but one hour in I think qttabbar is superior. To compete, this needs several things:
    -Middle click a folder to open it in a new tab
    -Double click folder background to go back
    -Lock a tab without pinning it - folders don't have favicons.
    -Fix tab bugs on reopening (opens a whole bunch of home tabs for no reason)

    maybe we will see a court case like Apple v Samsung between these guys and the app ive been using for ages

      I wasn't aware of windowtabs. There doesn't seem to be any easy way of making new tabs (short of right clicking and opening in a new window) and no way to close the tabs and restore them later, or pin/lock them.

    Just installed it and un-installed. Looks great, but as soon as I maximized it, it gets all weird.

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