Offering Free Online Listings

So here's a cheap way to flog your old vehicle: is no longer charging for listings on its web site, providing you with a potentially no-cost way of selling your car.

The site (operated by News Limited) will still charge if you want a print newspaper ad or if you want to enhance your basic listing, but the free option might be enough for some sellers. Dominant site carsales charges $60, and rival Fairfax-powered option Drive wants $40 for a basic listing. Putting your car on eBay Motors is $53 (once it sells), and the Trading Post charges $50. Gumtree and Craiglist are other free possibilities, but the latter in particular has little audience presence in Australia and neither specialises solely in vehicles.


    One that you have forgotten from your list is which has a massive amount of used cars for sales and also has free listings with a huge aussie presence.

    I did not know that websites now have commas in place of the dots.

    I've paid $32 to sell my car recently on this site... Everything went smoothly but DAMN - it could have been free if I waited a bit.

    It's great its finally free I just put my car for sale on carsguide and also on which is also free. Carsales is just so expensive at $60. I guess they will become free eventually also.

    Just a note for this website called for motoring enthusiasts, which also sells cars as well as car accessories and parts. I bought my car privately from there and would highly recommend to others.

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