CandyBar Tweaking Tool For Mac Goes Free, Gets Updated For Mountain Lion

Mac: CandyBar is a customisation tool that lets you customise your Mac's appearance. Panic, the developers behind the app, have updated it to support Mountain Lion and are giving it away for free.

You may have seen CandyBar used in some of our featured Mac desktops. It's often used to tweak the look and feel of the dock. It's a great tool, but it used to run you about $US30.Tthe developers at Panic are now dropping support for the tool and making it free because they see OS X eventually turning into iOS. They think Apple will eventually prohibit users from the level of tweaking and customisation that Mac users currently enjoy, so they don't see much of a future for CandyBar.

Regardless of the implications, the app works well and is now completely free to download. If you want to spice up your Mac's dock a bit, now is the time to grab it. You won't be able to change icons for apps downloaded from the Mac App Store (again, Apple security at work), but you will be able to tweak just about everything else. Do you already use CandyBar? Used the free trial but didn't want to drop the cash? Let us know what you think of the app in the comments below.

CandyBar, Mountain Lion, and Beyond [Panic Blog via The Next Web]


    Oh awesome, I love Candy Bar, but never saw why I should buy it.. I just wish when applications update they didn't remove the icon I put in place over their one.

    Finally free! I agree with Virus__; never seen a real reason to buy it.

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