Can ALDI Beat eBay For iDevice Accessories?

ALDI's Wednesday deal this week includes a handful of iDevice accessories for $9.99 each. It's a low price, but you can beat it in some cases by shopping on eBay.

ALDI has four Bauhn-branded options on offer: an AC charger, a 12V car charger, a USB dock or a windscreen mount kit. $9.99 for those is much cheaper than you'll see in a typical retailer. But it isn't necessarily cheaper than eBay. With a quick search, I found similarly priced options (fixed price, postage included) across eBay for all four categories.

This reinforces a point we made last week with ALDI's tech sale — while ALDI has some hard-to-beat deals, many of its prices are readily matched elsewhere. Don't be tempted to buy purely because of the price without researching first.


    I've seen the USB dock connectors for $4.95 in The Reject Shop. Very light and probably cheaply made but does the job.

    I still will not buy my idevices or any tech devices from the same place that sells dog food.

      Thats's a great point, I like it.

      Right. When dog food is made in Australia, while idevices in cheap China?
      The outcome - dogs live over 10 years, while idevices hardly couple of years.
      It all depends on value for money.

    I've bought most of my iDevice stuff from DealExtreme. I got a couple of iPhone 4/S docks for abotu $3 each, and they're pretty sturdy. Same with an iPad, and later and iPad 2 dock. Free shipping worldwide too.

    I'd prefer ALDI over ebay, especially for cheap stuff so if they break or don't work as well you can easily return it and get a refund/exchange.

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