Call Your Car Insurer To Make Sure You’re Not Missing Out On Discounts

Call Your Car Insurer To Make Sure You’re Not Missing Out On Discounts

Nobody enjoys dealing with insurance companies for any reason, but what if doing so could save you money? Get on the phone and speak with your car insurer to make sure you’re not missing out on discounts for being a good driver or paying up front.

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The folks at Dough Roller have listed the car insurance discounts you could be missing out on and remind us not to overlook the potential savings. Many insurance companies offer incentives and discounts for automatic direct debit payments or paying in full online. The discounts will vary a little from one insurer to another, but every little bit saved adds up in the long run.

The list uses examples that are specific to American drivers, but it’s still useful as a general guide on how you can save money on your car insurance. You have nothing to lose and money to gain by checking with your insurer for discounts on being a safe driver or taking a defensive driving course.

15 Auto Insurance Discounts You May Be Missing [Dough Roller]


  • I went in to NRMA the other day and found out they “forgot” to add all of my discounts on to my recent new policy – so it’s definitely worth checking on.

  • I just google a better quote and then get NRMA a better price again (beatby10% offer) and the ONLY problem i have noticed is that i have to do it every year when it renews and the “standard quote” is usallly x3 higher at renewal… But easy to fix as long as they have the promo going on.

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