Calibrate Your Cooking Thermometer For Accurate Readings

How often have you thought about calibrating your meat or cooking thermometer to make sure the readings are correct? Most cooking thermometers — even digital ones — tend to drift with time and repeated use. Fortunately, they’re easy to recalibrate so you always get the most accurate readings.

The folks over at the LA Times‘ Daily Dish have a step-by-step guide on how to calibrate dial and digital thermometers. Dial thermometers require the most attention and need to be calibrated either in freezing (0C) or boiling water (100C) before first use, and then again every month or if the thermometer has been dropped.

Digital thermometers should be tested every six months or so against freezing or boiling water. Most digital thermometers have a reset button that will recalibrate automatically. If not, try replacing the batteries.

I’d never really thought about recalibrating my kitchen thermometers, but I’ll give it a try. Have you ever had to recalibrate a cooking thermometer, or do you think it’s much ado about nothing? Sound off in the comments below.

Test Kitchen Tips: Calibrating Your Thermometer [Daily Dish]

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