Build Your Own Triple-Monitor Wood Mount

This inexpensive triple monitor stand is a sturdy and attractive mounting solution for your desk. All you need is basic carpentry skills to make your own version.

Reddit user LukyNumbrKevin shared the detailed parts list and an image walkthrough for this project. The total cost for his Nvidia Surround monitor setup — including the cost of the monitors — is a little over $200.

After seeing monitor mounts for more than $200, he used Google Sketchup to design his own.

You can use pipes to create a DIY triple-monitor stand, but if you prefer a wood base or working with wood better, follow Kevin's lead.

Tri-Monitor Wood Mount [Imgur via Apartment Therapy]


    unfortunately I have to go out and buy power tools for +$200... and learn carpentry.

      or you could rent the tools for the day only cost you $50 bucks or be even smarter and borrow them off a friend, not rocket science thanks to this guys institution's if you can tie your shoelaces you can build this i'm giving it a shot this weekend for sure. Thanks heaps!!

        let us know how it went.. pics and all ;p

    I tried viewing this post on a desktop in Chrome and Firefox, but its displaying the mobile version, even after clicking on Full Site.

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