Bicycle Commute With A Suit

Cycling to work poses one big challenge: very few jobs will let you wear bicycle shorts all day. Instructables user Beau Jones has a neat packing system for taking a full suit to the office.

Jones sorts his work clothing into three bundles, as shown in the above photo. His suit, shirt and tie goes into a clothing travel organiser (such as the Eagle Creek Pack-It which keeps the clothes wrinkle-free. Shoes, socks belt and toiletries go into a shoe carrier bag, and there's also a towel for drying off. Put all of that in a waterproof backpack and you have a pretty comprehensive system.

How do you manage cycling to work and dressing to impress? Tell us in the comments.

How to Bike Commute with a Suit [Instructables]


    Leave trousers and shoes (and suit jacket if desired) at work, roll up and bring a fresh shirt each day in the backpack, and hang it up while you have a nice hot shower at work. The steam magically unwrinkles many fabric blends. Don't forget fresh socks and underwear.

    A lot of people go down the $2.50 shirt laundering option at the local dry cleaners figuring they're still ahead compared to the public transport ticket.

    Bring four ironed shirts on the train on the day with the shittiest weather. Ride in to work the other four days.

    I just cycle to work in the suit. It's great in winter, but summer can be a bit trying.

    God willing, one day our office will have somewhere to store clothing.

    I bike commute to work. My formula is a little simpler. I get a life in with the wife on Monday mornings, and take with me 4 shirts and other bits for the week. (Socks / undies / fresh towels etc etc). I leave my work shoes in my bottom desk draw so i dont have to worry about them. When I get to work I grab the bag from under my desk, hit the showers and then im sorted. I picked up the Eagle Creek pack-it over the weekend, it looks good.

    I bike 4 days, drive 1. I take 4 shirts/trousers on my drive day and store them in my locker along with my toiletries. I have a few pairs of shoes, rotating the ones that stay at work. My backpack just has my lunch and a pair of socks and jocks. I keep a spare pairs of jocks/socks at work just in case I forget to pack them!

    My secret is to roll everything up in one bundle because shirts seem to wrinkle less that way. For ladies, do the makeup and hair at work.

    Hi Guys,
    I use a product called the Wingman by Henty. It's a suitbag which rolls into a satchel you wear on your back. It's very clever, and just launched in July 2012. I've had mine for two weeks, and works well.

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