Best Father's Day Outright Mobile Phone Buys

Thinking a new mobile phone is the best gift for dad come September 2? Here are our top picks as Father's Day presents, whatever smartphone platform you prefer.

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For a gift, you should always aim for an outright buy phone, not a contract deal. Shop around to find the best deal — we've suggested some potential suppliers in each listing. Some phones will be cheaper through phone companies, but bear in mind they'll often be network-locked, so only go that route if you know which network your recipient plans to use. With just under a week to go before the big day, make sure you choose a fast postage option if you're shopping online.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Why we like it: So much Android goodness, speedy updates (certainly compared to its rivals) and no annoying vendor add-ons. Check the full Gizmodo review here.

Typical pricing: Kogan: $359, Mobicity: $409

iPhone 3GS 8GB

Why we like it: Sure, it's now the ageing workhorse of the iPhone universe, but it's a (relatively) affordable way to get your father into the iOS universe.

Typical pricing: Apple: $449 , Telstra: $429

Nokia Lumia 710

Why we like it: If Windows Phone 7 is your goal, then it's worth the extra to get this rather than the bargain 610. Check the full Gizmodo review here.

Typical pricing: Allphones: $328, Mobicity: $369

Sony Xperia P

Why we like it: An affordable Android alternative that promises Ice Cream Sandwich updates in the near future. Check the full Gizmodo review here.

Typical pricing: Mobicity: $349

BlackBerry Curve 9300/9320

Why we like it: If touchscreens make your dad nervous, the BlackBerry's superlative keyboard, still-excellent email support and all round reliability will keep him happy.

Typical pricing: Telstra: $199 , Optus: $229, : $ ,


    Lol my Dad got a 3GS and passed it to someone else after a week. Couldn't figure it out.

    Ended up with a "Grandpa" phone - big buttons, makes calls, that's about it.

    seriously? is a 3GS still over $400? Thats ridiculous!

      Who in their right mind would pay more for the 3GS than the Galaxy Nexus?!?

      That's exactly what I thought (other) Tim... I've got a gadget draw worth quite a penny then... was about to give my old iPhone4 away to someone for nothing. Maybe now I ask for at least a slab of imported something ;-)

    AN APPLE 3GS IS $450?!?!?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCKIN' FUCKETY SHIT?!?!?!?

      It's the twat tax

        Free iTunes though, which is by far the best music playing and management tool available.

          Media Monkey kicks its arse left right and sideways... kthx.

      I sold my 2yo 3GS for $350 when I got my 4S in December. Say what you will about apple, but their product hold their value amazingly.

        Yes, because you're selling to a closed ecosystem full of idiots.

        People still was upwards of 300 bucks for the 3G... Which I paid 30 bucks for lols.

        I've tried Itunes, could not stand it, so while it may be the best for you, even windows media player was better for me than Itunes.

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