Best Father's Day Car Gadgets

Father's Day is once again upon us, and we've decided to help you out so that this year doesn't go down like all the others. You know, standing in line at 10pm the day before with whatever was left over from the sales. Here are nine of the best Father's Day gadgets you can get to knock his socks off come Sunday.

Here they are, in no particular order:

Tom Tom Via 620 GPS

What Is It? A bloody massive portable GPS unit from Tom Tom, measuring 6-inches in diagonal diameter.

What Makes It Good? If your Dad is anything like mine, he doesn't see as well as he used to. Thumbing through the street directory might not be the safest way to drive anymore, which is why a 6-inch GPS — the biggest one the company has ever made — is great for Dad.

Plus, it has a two-year warranty, free daily updates from the TomTom community and three years worth of quarterly updates from the company itself free of charge.

How Much? $229 from Dick Smith

Reversing Camera

What Is It? A reversing camera and 5-inch screen to stop you hitting things on the way back.

What Makes It Good? Normally, reversing cameras are reserved for the more expensive vehicles, but if you don't have one of those and still want maxiumum safety, it's probably a good idea to invest in one of these for Dad's day.

How Much? $199 from Jaycar

Tyre Repair Kit

What Is It? A 36-piece kit that will give Dad everything he needs to get a tyre fixed on the go.

What Makes It Good? Dads like being prepared for any eventuality, and more often than not, safety in the car is the number one priority. That's why this tyre patch kit is good: he'll never be caught out again.

How Much? $19.99 from Supercheap Auto

GoPro Hero2 Camera

What Is It? A wearable action camera that can take a bit of abuse.

What Makes It Good? If Dad's car is is pride and joy and he enjoys getting the foot to the floor on a track or elsewhere, the GoPro Hero2 will let him take fancy shots of his fancy driving. The special motorsports edition includes everything he'll need to shoot his own episode of Top Gear

How Much? $US299.99 for the GoPro Hero2 motorsports kit from GoPro online.

Travel Fridge

What Is It? An 11-litre fridge powered by your car's cigarette lighter.

What Makes It Good? What's not to love about an 11-litre, powered cool box that runs on a 12v DC power supply?

How Much? $49.99 from Dick Smith.

Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset

What Is It? A bluetooth headset that won't make your Dad look like a prat.

What Makes It Good? Jawbone is really kicking goals when it comes to de-naffing Bluetooth accessories, and the Era is a great example. It's a stylish looking headset that — like all Jawbone tech these days — sounds tops.

How Much? $149.95 from Apple Online.

Kensington Soundwave Amplifying iPhone Mount

What Is It? A cradle that doubles as an amplifier for taking calls and listening to directions without additional tech.

What Makes It Good? Your Dad's car probably already has a sweet sound system, so why complicate things? This Kensington iPhone mount has an amplification system built in so he doesn't need to fiddle unnecessarily to get it working.

How Much? $49.95 from Kensington Online.

Maglite XL200 LED Flashlight

What Is It? A 4-inch Maglite torch that supports multiple modes

What Makes It Good? The Maglite is an iconic torch brand, and this 4-inch, LED blinder will not only light Dad's way in a drama, but it will also operate in various modes including strobe and SOS mode.

How Much? $149.95 from Australian National Geographic.

Telstra 4G Pre-Paid Hotspot

What Is It? A portable 4G hotspot complete with Wi-Fi.

What Makes It Good? It's the first 4G Wi-Fi hotspot in the country, and it can be all yours for as little as $169. Let your Dad decide when it needs to be recharged so that he can keep his car gadgets connected on the road.

How Much? $169 (with 5GB of data free for the first 30 days) from Telstra.

Main image: Kevin Jaako

Republished from Gizmodo


    Whoa! Why you theenk all us Dads so dull and boring? No. Thank. You. Anybody who gives me anything even remotely connected with the execrable Top Gear or "car gadgets" (ugh) will get a thick ear. It was my birthday a coupla days ago and my 19 yr old son gave me a copy of a documentary on Motorhead's Lemmy ( ) ... Lemmy: Sixty-five years old and still rockin' away like a good 'un.
    Now THAT is the sort of present your Dad might like. I'm a Dad and I do.

    Tyre repair kit indeed. Humph.

      My dad would absolutely hate that. He keeps complaining that his gps is old and slow, guess what's he's getting. Lol opinions.

        > guess what’s he’s getting.
        Old and slow?

    My dad is dull and boring when it comes to tech, but he has spent years of his life travelling (i.e. on transport). For a good car journey, he just wants a good book.

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