Australian NightWave Price Has Been Cut

Australian NightWave Price Has Been Cut

A quick update on the NightWave sleep assistant we featured recently: the local distributor has cut the price to $59.95 (plus postage), which makes buying locally cheaper than a US import. We like it when that happens. [NightWave]


  • It’s not really about the blue light magically sending you to sleep – it’s a gentle blue light on which to focus your attention (a bit like a meditation mantra).

    The blue light is designed not to be harsh – it’s soft, with soft edges, not too distracting in a dark room.

    The light pulses, and get’s slower and slower and dimmer and dimmer … gradually sending you to sleep.

    At least that’s the concept.

    Whether it works or not … I couldn’t say but have read plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest this kind of thing can help with some sleep conditions.

    • the blue colour is designed to program you to recieve instructions from the CIA who are actually the ‘grey’ agency behind this invention, and also pop-tarts. Word. Haters gonna hate.

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