Australian NightWave Price Has Been Cut

A quick update on the NightWave sleep assistant we featured recently: the local distributor has cut the price to $59.95 (plus postage), which makes buying locally cheaper than a US import. We like it when that happens. [NightWave]


    i thought the whole concept of blue light aiding sleep had already been blown up...?

      Using it all night is bad but using it for like an hour will put you out quick,

    It's not really about the blue light magically sending you to sleep - it's a gentle blue light on which to focus your attention (a bit like a meditation mantra).

    The blue light is designed not to be harsh - it's soft, with soft edges, not too distracting in a dark room.

    The light pulses, and get's slower and slower and dimmer and dimmer ... gradually sending you to sleep.

    At least that's the concept.

    Whether it works or not ... I couldn't say but have read plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest this kind of thing can help with some sleep conditions.

      not about distraction, the blue spectrum reduces melatonin production more than other wavelengths.

      pitch black room people.

      The slow pulsating light to focus on may or may not work, I make no claims there, I might even try it. I'd make it a light red or orange color though. The reason being that incident blue light (460–480 nm according to Wiki) on the retina inhibits melatonin production, stopping your brain start the sleep process, and telling you you're sleepy.

    I can't sleep on the best of nights so I will try it - before you all diss it

      the blue colour is designed to program you to recieve instructions from the CIA who are actually the 'grey' agency behind this invention, and also pop-tarts. Word. Haters gonna hate.

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