Android App Supercharges Caller ID With Social Info And Best Times To Call

Android: Current Caller ID is a free utility for Android that turns every incoming call into a dashboard with social updates, the weather in the caller's location, name and details, and more. If you miss a call or decline it, the app will even help you understand the best time to call the person back.

It may seem pointless to have someone's tweets and Facebook posts displayed when you receive a call, but the team behind the app notes that it can be useful to know if someone tweeted earlier in the day about moving house, to give one example.

The app does a great job of pulling in public information, so you always know who's calling, even if you're not connected to that person. If the caller is known to you, the app will give you that person's location, the weather there and links to social profiles, along with the phone number itself. If you miss a call, you can pick the method that works for the way you usually interact with that person. The app will even tell you the best time of day to call or text.

The new Current Caller ID is free and available now at Google Play. Do you use a caller ID replacement app, or do you stick with the one that came with your phone? Do you see the additional info being useful? Let us know in the comments.

Current Caller ID [Google Play]


    I think I might try this out it seems pretty cool.

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