ACCC Product Recalls App Now On Android

In late October last year, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released an iOS app to track products that had been recalled from Australian stores because of safety concerns. Nine months later, Android owners are also getting some love, with the app now available through Google Play.

Like the iOS version, you can use the app to report safety concerns about products you have ourchased, as well as checking on the status of individual goods. Commercial retailers shouldn't ever be selling recalled products, but it's something to consider if you're buying second-hand. ACCC Recalls Australia is a free download for Android devices. A mobile-specific version of the ACCC's Recalls site is also under development.

ACCC Recalls Australia [Google Play]


    ouchased - second line, last paragraph :P

    Here I am thinking they recalled an app cause it was faulty or unfit for sale etc. haha oops.

      Thats how I read the headline the first time :P

    Not working for Nexus 7

    I quite like this app on iOS, I've not seen anything that's been useful to me, but I did see 13 recalls from the same company though (kids toys that presented hazzard for young kids) had a bit of a schadenfreude moment there. But the idea is great. Even better could be scanning in barcodes of stuff you buy and have automatic important alerts to filter through the noise of endless recalls.

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