7-Eleven BYO Cup Day Returns September 5

One for your diary: Wednesday September 5 sees the return of BYO Cup Day at 7-Eleven, when you can fill any container of your choice with as much as Slurpee as you can handle for $2.90. Cue brain freeze all round.

The same rules apply as last year: the container has to be clean, must be smaller than 230mm by 260mm, and you can't bring more than one. I'm rifling through my kitchen now . . .

7-Eleven [via OzBargain]


    230mmx260mm god damn that's a lotta slurpee for 3 bucks.

    230x260 is only two axis. Does that mean you could bring in say, a trough that's 230x260x1000 deep?

      We think alike, you and I.

    Yep, deep as you want. For example, they have a trumpet as an ok cup and it is deeper than either of those dimensions.

    Last time my partner filled up a very large tall vase with no problems.

    You mean for just $2.60 I can get as much awful tasting unhealthy muck as I want? Wow!

      Clicking on articles regarding things you don't like to post pointless comments. Big man.

      Such a constructive comment.

      it must be hard not being able to read.

        Is it less constructive than posting a reply that says this is not constructive?

          It's more constructive than replying to my reply with "Is it less constructive than posting a reply that says this is not constructive?".

            LOUD NOISES....
            I dont know what we're all yelling about...

            I Love lamp.

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