Wrap A Hammer With A Rubber Band To Keep It From Destroying Your Walls

Ever pulled a nail out of the wall with a hammer and left a huge dent in the wall with the hammer head? To eliminate that hassle, DIY Life suggests wrapping the hammer with a rubber band.

All you need is a single rubber band. Criss-cross the rubber band around the hammer head so it looks like the picture above. Now, when you go to remove a nail with the claw, the metal head won't scuff up your wall. Head over to DIY Life for a few more hammer tricks.

Hammer Tips & Tricks [DIY Life via Apartment Therapy]


    Jesus Christ, It's the heel of the hammer that does the damage in those situations, not the bloody middle. Mr Klosowski get a clue!

    Just place a scrap of wood under the heel of the hammer

      yeah, small piece of scrap wood does the trick. Methinks a certain author doesn't use a hammer much...;-)

        Plus a scrap of wood spreads the load over a large area preventing marking. Using a rubber band as shown, or further up the claw where the load would typically be applied, will still dent plaster.

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