Where Do You Go For Travel Thrills That Aren't Ludicrously Dangerous?

I'm appearing on Ten Breakfast tomorrow, discussing adventure travel experiences that give you an andrenalin rush but don't have a high risk of injury (like, for instance, the Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona. I have some ideas of my own, but I'm open to suggestions in the comments. Picture by Kent Wang


    What's considered a thrill though? I mean I've been swimming with sharks at phi phi and some people considered it reckless, whereas I thought it was just fun to hang out with some cool fish.

    And again I've set up some incredibly safe top ropes for friends on sea cliffs near Margaret River, they have had no experience climbing outdoors and they still got a thrill out if it, and to balance it, I felt perfectly safe the entire time, but yet I know there are some climbs out there that can scare the bejeezes out of me.

    The running of the bulls is most definitely dangerous activity steeped in tradition. But I doubt someone is going to throw that idea away to jump on a death swing or something.

    The good people of Pamplona think Australians are more recklessly stupid than any other nationality. They'll point out the streets and squares "bathed in Australian blood and brains".

    Unfortunately it's a lot more dangerous for the bulls.

    Canyoning in the Blue mountains is fun, pretty safe and close to home for many people

    Bungeeying into Lake Taupo, NZ and Paragliding of Coronet Peak, NZ.

    At 74 I found enough thrills getting through the crowds in Roma and Athens BUT running the bulls every time it is on news I know some Aussie must have been seriously hurt. It is not fun and it encourages a sad sport. I did White water rafting in NZ when I was in my 50s and that was fun. The silence when in the drifting part was so good

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