When Isn't It Appropriate To Tweet?

Occasional Black Eyed Pea Will.i.am copped some flak recently for tweeting while he was running with the Olympic Torch. Sharing once-in-a-lifetime events seems to me a better use of Twitter than just random commentary, but then I'm a happily frequent user of Twitter and I'm not too worried about Olympic dignity. So what are the occasions where using Twitter (or any other social networking site) simply isn't on?

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There are some obvious answers to this:

  • when you're at dinner or in conversation with someone else who doesn't also have a phone;
  • during sex;
  • at a play (since your phone screen lighting up is distracting for other audience members; I'd be less worried at a concert).

What would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments (but bear in mind that your boundaries are not necessarily going to be everyone else's).


    While doing surgery (if you're a doctor)

    So Anthony - it's ok to tweet when your doing surgery if you're NOT a doctor? Sweet! Tweet away! (The fact you're not a doctor should not dissuade you from tweeting nor doing surgery!)

    I reckon any time no one is going to want to know what you are doing... Sex, toilet, eating, pretty much anything where you think your followers might think "Dafuq????"

    Think before you tweet. Is anybody likely to care about what you are about to send out to the ether for all eternity????? So mine is more about what you tweet rather than when/where you tweet.

    Having said that - driving, riding (bike, motorbike, horse), on a date, during birth (note during - after is ok), at your own wedding (do NOT change your relationship status midway through), at a funeral, all the biggies in life really....

    That third one extends to movies too.

    During a Job interview (interviewer/interviewee), Driving, flying a plane.

    I had a friend get quite a long way through live-tweeting her labour and giving birth. It was impressive, but not something I'd really care to read again.

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