What’s Stopping You Changing NBN Providers?

What’s Stopping You Changing NBN Providers?

A recent survey of 1143 Australians by Telsyte found that while 85 per cent wanted broadband connection speeds of 50Mbps or more (something the National Broadband Network will offer), only 5 per cent would “definitely change ISPs” to get that speed. Why are we so reluctant to switch our communications companies?

Unwillingness to change keeps us stuck with all sorts of dodgy services, from banks to ISPs. I’m wondering: what (if anything) would stop you changing provider to get a better NBN deal once it becomes available in your area?

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Feel free to expand on your reasoning in the comments, and check our NBN Planhacker to see what’s available now.


  • I have unlimited ADSL2+ with a down sync rate of 21Mbps. For me, the resistance to change is simply because there is no unlimited NBN deals at the moment, and even if there are I doubt they can beat the $59 per month that I’m paying at the moment, and I doubt they would be faster than 21Mbps down/8Mbps up.

      • Im sure he is talking about TPG most likely $59 a month no throttling thats what i got at least though he could be talking about another ISP

        • TPG does not offer 8mbps up, nor does any other ADSL2+ plan I’ve come across, hence my curiousity. Could be a case of a simple mistake, but if not I want to know who so I can switching over immediately.

    • In the least offensive way possible… I HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU… you have the benefit of being able to easily get new technology NOW! and you don’t!

  • I’m quite happy with my iiNet connection and it would be slightly cheaper to switch to 100mbps NBN than I currently pay for 16mbps DSL.

  • I’m locked in to a 24 month deal. That’d be my reason.
    Also, when I’ve previously lived abroad and had 100meg cable, I’ve actually ended up asking for it to be downgraded – I could watch/stream/download/do everything I needed at 20 quite happily.

  • This for me is a big issue, I’m in an area that is close to being finished but when I contacted iPrimus about it, they told me that when connection is available, it would be weeks without access to the net. I don’t see why you couldn’t stay connected to copper in the mean time. Anybody already connected that can let us know if they were disconnected until final connection..?

  • It might have something to do with the fact that changing ISP’s at the moment is ridiculously hard. I have tried 3 times in the last few years. Even though I was able to churn to my current ISP, there is apparently no way to move to anyone else without completely disconnecting first… which creates all sorts of problems and is just not worth the risk.

    Once I have access to the NBN I’ll be chasing the best deal like I do for everything else… but it has nothing to do with the speed. I’m fine with my current speed. There is no noticeable difference between my 3Mbps home connection and my 50Mbps work connection for 99% of what I need to do.

  • Really not sure what that poll question is asking … my 2c basically agrees with the above anyway. My current service is sufficient, and if there was a way for me to stay with iiNet and switch to a faster, higher-capacity NBN service at no extra cost I would.

  • I’m lucky that my long term ISP is likely to be the first NBN provider in my area so it will be a plan change for me – router is already capable 🙂

  • because I dont want to loose my email address. I have been operating my daily life out of my isp email address for years now and going through and changing it all is a massive time consuming task. so far I have done about half of my stuff, some of it I can just let go as it is inconsequential. One I have finished moving my stuff to gmail then I would happily swap ISP’s. But until then.

    • Why not redirect all incoming mail from your ISP to your new address, and deal with it when it arrives? I did that with my old address and it only took a few weeks until I was confident enough to stop using my old account. Anything that was spammy I just didn’t bother with.

  • Because I trust my ISP. I’ve had great service from them over the years, and whether I’ll get that from an untested budget ISP is an unknown factor.

    I was previously with a budget ISP, and the $10-$20 I saved per month simply was fine until things went wrong – then it could take days to get things fixed.

  • I was getting ~15M and paying more than I like for it because I wanted an unlimited download plan – I’m a heavy user. Now we’ve moved and I only get ~7-8M. I’d love to get faster, but at the pricing they have currently I’m not even considering the NBN as an option, especially without unlimited downloads.

  • I’ll probably stay with telstra… only because I can get 200gb of data, Foxtel Platinum IQHD, and some calls(don’t really care) for a little less than what i currently pay for 100gb with Foxtel Platinum IQ1

  • The most common reason from non IT people I tend to come across with a reluctance to move ISP’s is that they don’t want to lose they’re email address. I’m all for web hosted domain email but also understand that’s a little complicated for the average punter to set up but it’s most certainly worth while making the migration to a web based form of email sooner rather than later, mainly because any good web mail service will be able to pull mail in from your ISP’s pop account anyway as a transitional period. So by the time you cut off your ISP, the email impact should be minimal.

  • I’m with AussieBB, who have been fantastic to my family and to my mates, their excellent service has been so good and so personal i’ve since become mates with a fair few of the guys that work locally, sure their pricing isn’t the best anymore but why would you change away from an ISP like that?

  • I currently pay 80 bucks a month for inter node in Adelaide (housemates signed up). I get 200 kbps! You show me an NBN plan and I will physically break their arms to sign that deal for 50mbps

  • I would change to get a good deal on data limits or bundling, but having been without Internet for 6 weeks (and still counting) after changing from Internode to Telstra I would be hestitant to make a change in the future

  • Because I like having unlimited internet for $60p/m. It’ll be years before we see that from the nbn. Plus, I don’t really have a use for such high speeds. I can wait a few more minutes for something to download.

  • Recently swapped to Dodo, from Telstra… I was a little worried over the swap, but it worked out fine. I didnt have to disconnect Telstra first, I just swapped when i was ready.

    I will swap to a NBN provider as soon as it is available (about 5 years apparently) just to show my support for physical infrastructure.

    I wouldn’t spit on JuLiar if she was on fire, but the NBN is an excellent idea, which will help Australia immensely .

  • I would definitely change, we’re on $55 a month for 20GB peak and 20 GB off-peak and we download at 150 kB/s. Pity that that by the current NBN roll-out we’re at least 3 years away and that the Liberals seem to be wanting to doom us to never having internet that is of a speed that lets us stream video at more than 240p.

  • In this day and age there is no reason for you to lose an e-mail address because you are changing ISP. I have multiple domain names and have e-mail addresses set up for these. Even .com domains are pretty cheap and you can get the re-directed to your current e-mail address. I used to use services like iname but that was in the early days of the internet. With cheap hosting, Google apps accounts and cheap domain names there is no reason to ever change e-mail address again.

  • We have no phone line and mobiles don’t work in our area so our only connection to the world is through our crappy satellite internet. $95 a month for 5gig peak and 12 off peak. If the NBN ever gets out here I’d jump through hoops to get a decent connection with decent download limits.

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