Westpac Competition Hijacked By Scammers

Westpac Competition Hijacked By Scammers

There’s a scam email doing the rounds right now which invites people to take part in a Westpac competition to share your best saving tips. While Westpac is running such a competition, the email has nothing to do with it: it’s just another classic scam mail which links to a dodgy site entirely unconnected to Westpac.

Westpac has a warning about the scam email on its Facebook page. When it comes to banking, the best rule is the simplest one: they’re not going to send you any emails, so anything purporting to be from a bank should be ignored, whether it’s claiming to be a transaction update or a competition promotion.

Bank scams are common online, but not exclusively found there. If you receive a phone call claiming to be from your bank, be equally cynical, ask for a number to call back on, and verify the number before you do so.


  • That’s not entirely correct regarding the bank emailing you. There is a very real chance that if they have your email address you will get emails instead of paper based communication for marketing and other stuff.

    The key difference between an email you receive from your bank and a scammer is that your bank won’t put any live links in the email. You’re bank will normally give you a URL including it’s primary domain for your to copy and paste into your browser or instructions to log in to internet banking etc.

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