Vegemite, Olympics, Dave Hughes, Alarm Clocks, Laurie Lawrence . . . What?

iOS/Android: With this year's Olympics taking place in an unfriendly European time zone, getting up early to watch a crucial event will be a common occurrence. We've recommended good alarm apps for iOS and Android in the past, but if you want to get a tad more jingoistic, Vegemite (yes, Vegemite) has released an Olympics-specific alarm app, complete with wakeup calls from comedian Dave Hughes and swimming coach Laurie Laurence.

As well as setting alarms based on time or a specific event, Wake Up And Smell The Vegemite (no, we don't like the name either) also uses RSS to update itself with Olympic news, and includes an ongoing medal tally. If you're wondering about the connection, Vegemite is the "official spread" of the Australian Olympic team, and every athlete is being given two souvenir tubes of Olympic-branded Vegemite to take to the Games.

It's is a free download for iOS and Android. For other novel Vegemite uses, try making a Big Mac or a Vegemite and mint sandwich. But stay away from Sodamite.

Wake Up And Smell The Vegemite: iTunes App Store, Google Play


    Dave Hughes makes everything better...

    Dave Hughes? Why would people want to be woken by a moron?

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