Use Plastic Bags As Seed Starters

If you’re trying to grow a new tree from seed, simply dropping the seed in the ground may not be enough. Get creative with a seed starter to help the germination process take hold. This method combines sandwich bags and some napkins to get the seeds started quickly and easily before planting them out.

Grab a few plastic sandwich bags (used ones are fine) and some napkins. Instructables user MrBrownThumb explains that you layer the seeds in between a napkin and lightly moisten it with a spray bottle (just a little, you don’t want the seeds to become mouldy.) Leave the seeds overnight, then fold up the napkin, put it in the bag, and place it next to a warm spot like a heater or a sun-drenched window. Check on them every few days, and when they start to germinate, let them grow until they’re the right size for a small pot.

We’ve discussed a few other seed starter methods, including using a citrus peel. Being able to reuse plastic bags is a plus point for this approach. Ffor large seeds that need more time and attention to germinate before you drop them into a pot full of soil, this technique may be helpful.

Seed Starting with the “Baggie Method.” [Instructables]

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