Upgrade Your 4.0 Android To Jelly Bean's Predictive Text Keyboard

Android: The predictive text keyboard in Android 4.1 ("Jelly Bean") isn't one of the big new features in Google's new smartphone system, but it's quite a nice day-to-day upgrade. If your Android is running Android 4.0, you can at least upgrade your keyboard, for free.

It's become a common thing for developers to grab elements of Android systems, once their code is released, and package certain pieces for release. That's the case with Jelly Bean Keyboard, a rebuild of the 4.1 keyboard that comes straight from the source. The word predictions are English language only, but the basic keyboard works for English, German, French, Spanish, Portugese (Brazil) and Russian. I personally dig the predictions and replacements of Android 4.1, but if they're not that impressive to you, or you're stuck with a pre-4.0 device, you'll want to find the right Android keyboard replacement.

Jelly Bean Keyboard [Google Play]


    Yeah this sucks, I preferred the predictive punctuation , at least I actually used that!

    FYI - Settings > Language & input > Android keyboard settings > Advanced settings > and uncheck "Next word prediction"

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