Turn Your Car's Ashtray Into A Phone Dock

Nearly every car has an ashtray, but for non-smokers, it just turns into a small hole that collects dust, trash, and other nonsense. Instructables user hells-oui shows us how to turn it into a smartphone dock.

All you really need for this project is a bit of scrap plastic, an old dock connector for your phone, and a few tools. The how-to uses an ashtray with a lid, but if your ashtray is open you could probably mod yourself a lid with a bit more of that scrap plastic. when you're done, you'll have the perfect spot to put your phone, no messy cables required. Hit the link for the full how-to.

Ashtray iPhone/iPod Dock [Instructables]


    Actually for most smokers, the ashtray serves the same non-purpose, because the filthy rednecks, at least here in Brisbane, throw their butts out of the car window.

      lol, there called bogans.

      Not wrong, they do that down this way to on the Gold Coast/Nothern NSW.

      True. The "ashtray" ends up being used for change for tolls and parking meters.

      in WA you can report the dirty bastards and they get a $50 fine.

        In Victoria it is $125 I think. I would certainly encourage everyone to do it: http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/

      If I'm on my bike, I be a good citizen... I pick the butts up and throw them back in the window.

    ...and then you get an iPhone 5...

      and then you pull it out and do it again, just like you would if upgrading to any other phone.....

    I've seen this mod before and have concerns about the inertia of the phone while the car is moving. It seems like much stress to the connector.

    e30 bmw 3 series ftw

      Puhleez. The only *real* BMW's are the ones that start with the letter "M".

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