TravelSIM Reduces European Data Rates

Rates for data when you're travelling can prove a major source of bill shock. TravelSIM has cut its data charges for 33 European countries to $US0.65 a megabyte, making it less expensive (but still not cheap) to access data services on the go.

That data rate is still high compared to Australia, but it's the second time TravelSIM has cut those prices in a year. Last July, it cut the rate from $US3.60/Mb to $U1.00/Mb, a trend which we hope continues. These are the countries where the cut applies: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican City.

TravelSIM acts as a replacement SIM (and somewhat disconcertingly gives you an Estonian mobile number). If you're regularly travelling or hitting multiple countries, having a replacement SIM will almost certainly be cheaper than using your existing Australian number. You'll still want to use free Wi-Fi whenever possible however.



    I instructed my brother to buy a pre-paid SIM in italy - i thought this would be the best option. he is leaving tomorrow and staying there for two months. Would a TravelSIM be a better option?

      Much better to buy one there if you are staying more than a few days. I had terrible trouble with SMS but data and calls worked fine in Europe with my TravelSIM.

      A local sim is always the better option but sometimes dealing with a service in a foreign language might make it a bit of a pain.

        He will have a couple of people with him that can speak the italian so he should be fine.

    My girlfriend bought a travelsim as she was going to Canada and then Germany. For the whole time she was in Canada, she could not get it to work, even with repeated calls and emails to their help desk. She eventually got a refund. When we met up in Germany, we both just bought a local prepaid sim each for much less than the travel sim, with plenty of data and credit, and free calls/texts to each other (the carrier was O2).

    Just got back from EU. I took my iPhone and in each country (Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey) I walked to the nearest phone shop for a temp SIM card. They knew exactly what I was after and had dead-cheap deals that had unlimited data. In Greece their national network covered even the most obscure Greek islands that I was staying on... put Telstra to shame. The whole thing was so easy. Also, free wifi at every cafe... we really need to pick up our game here.

    If you dont care about voice called I used droam when I was in France, zurich, and London and it was excellent.

    Ive just got back from 7 weeks in Europe and I used a Vodafone Ireland sim. Thy have a deal with roaming and data roaming where you get 50mb for 2.5 Euro. Their voice and SMS rates are cheap too and you can buy the sim cards off eBay.

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