The Professions That We Trust The Most

I've been a journalist for almost two decades, so I've had plenty of time to get used to the fact that the general public think journos are scum. A survey conducted by Reader's Digest suggests that taxi drivers, door-to-door salespeople and sex workers can join me on the less-respected professions list in Australia.

Picture by Cheryl Cox

Being helpful is critical to topping a list like this, with the top four places all being careers that help others. If you want people to admire your career choice, consider something from the top 10:

1. Paramedics 2. Firefighters 3. Rescue volunteers 4. Nurses 5. Pilots 6. Doctors 7. Pharmacists 7. Veterinarians 9. Armed Forces personnel 10. Farmers 11. Police 12. Scientists 12. Teachers 14. Dentists 15. Childcare workers 16. Bus/train/tram drivers 16. Chefs 18. Hairdressers 19. Meteorologists 20. Waiters
21. Plumbers 21. Accountants 23. Shop assistants 24. Builders 24. Mechanics 26. Truck drivers 26. Religious ministers 28. Financial planners 29. Charity collectors 29. Lawyers 29. Bankers 32. Journalists 32. Taxi drivers 34. CEOs 35. Real estate agents 36. Sex workers 37. Insurance salespeople 38. Call centre operators 39. Door-to-door salespeople 40. Telemarketers

No sign of IT workers on that list. We'll assume that's an error in the survey, not that tech types are even less trusted than telemarketers.

Australia's Most Trusted Professions 2012 [via Mumbrella]


    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Been reading this site for a few years and my first comment gets deleted. wow! whats the policy?

        The policy involves a number of dice and coins.

    Engineers miss out again, left behind playing warcraft in the basement !

      Obviously engineer's aren't trustworthy; always stealing the glory from us drafter's. Hmph.

      If you look at the list you will see they are professions that you would see day to day either in person or on tv.

      Engineers just hide in our offices and go to site. We don't really play with the great unwashed.

        There's a joke about seeing sex workers day to day here, I'm sure about it.

    Taxi Drivers cop the wrong end of the stick because they have to fight for their money. I tried it for awhile moons ago and the pressure is incredible. Now they are reducing the cost of the license to somewhere around half, which is good for startups and means better quality drivers. Very bad for existing drivers who were looking at retiring on the sale value of theirs.

    I love the fact that CEO's come in at 34 yet these are the guys whose hands most of our futures lie in.

      It's because they usually have a lot of money compared to the mere workers on the bottom level. So yeah the average person doesn't like greed.

    Is the list supposed to have duplicates (i.e. two 26, three 29, two 32) because they are equally trusted professions or is it a simple typo?

    Looking at the content of TV news, I fully agree on the view on journo's. (read paparazzi). The smut they come up with is not news worthy.
    There definitely is a huge degree of dishonesty and twisting of the truth when it comes to the professions mentioned and fortunately people can see through it.

    Wooo #2!

    Meteorologists make the top 20? Come on, really?

    I think they've mistaken "trust" with "respect". In practise Lawyers, Bankers, sex workers, taxi drivers probably receive far, far higher levels of trust from those who use their services than farmers, soldiesr, policemen, pilots etc.

      +1 here... image all the damage a professional could do if you couldn't trust them... not sure what would happen if I didn;t trust a farmer...

      I do find it funny how far down religous ministers are on the list...

        Pesticides... :D. Though I would agree that this survey is more a trust/respect thing.

    Lawyers? Bankers? Real estate agents? Insurance salespeople? Call centre operators? Door-to-door sales people? Telemarketers???

    #5? bahahaha

    Trust is relative. What am I trusting to somebody? If I'm asked who I trust most to look after my sick Mother then Armed Forces Personnel might not be in the top 10. Similarly, If I'm asked who I trust most to build a house then paramedic probably wouldn't be top of the list. So the list is bunkum really...

    I'd be really interested to see the results of this when administered to specific samples. Eg. I wonder if you asked only health professionals, if 6. Doctor would end up much lower.
    Also I'm a little surprised how high Police is.

    Police that high, wow did they not survey and non-white people?

    As a scientist, I'm sad that people trust us so low....I mean 99% of all scientists don't lie at people just have no grasp of confidence range and variance means....^_^

    What about 2nd hand car salesmen and politicians? Aren't they at the bottom of the list somewhere?

      Probably off the chart somewhere...

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