The Professions That We Trust The Most

The Professions That We Trust The Most

I’ve been a journalist for almost two decades, so I’ve had plenty of time to get used to the fact that the general public think journos are scum. A survey conducted by Reader’s Digest suggests that taxi drivers, door-to-door salespeople and sex workers can join me on the less-respected professions list in Australia.

Picture by Cheryl Cox

Being helpful is critical to topping a list like this, with the top four places all being careers that help others. If you want people to admire your career choice, consider something from the top 10:

1. Paramedics
2. Firefighters
3. Rescue volunteers
4. Nurses
5. Pilots
6. Doctors
7. Pharmacists
7. Veterinarians
9. Armed Forces personnel
10. Farmers
11. Police
12. Scientists
12. Teachers
14. Dentists
15. Childcare workers
16. Bus/train/tram drivers
16. Chefs
18. Hairdressers
19. Meteorologists
20. Waiters
21. Plumbers
21. Accountants
23. Shop assistants
24. Builders
24. Mechanics
26. Truck drivers
26. Religious ministers
28. Financial planners
29. Charity collectors
29. Lawyers
29. Bankers
32. Journalists
32. Taxi drivers
34. CEOs
35. Real estate agents
36. Sex workers
37. Insurance salespeople
38. Call centre operators
39. Door-to-door salespeople
40. Telemarketers

No sign of IT workers on that list. We’ll assume that’s an error in the survey, not that tech types are even less trusted than telemarketers.

Australia’s Most Trusted Professions 2012 [via Mumbrella]


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