The Australian Bereavement Register Stops Junk Mail To Deceased People

The Australian Bereavement Register Stops Junk Mail To Deceased People
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After a loved one has died, one of the small nasty aftershocks is receiving junk mail addressed to that person. The Australian Bereavement Register (TABR) lets you register the name and address of anyone dead to eliminate unsolicited mail.

The service is free to use (companies which send direct mail pay a fee to TABR to ensure that their lists don’t contain unwanted addresses). If you do receive unwanted mail after registering, you can forward it reply-paid to TABR, which will follow up with the relevant organisation. Definitely a useful option when you’re going through the post-death paperwork.

The Australian Bereavement Register


  • This will be great. I’m sick of getting mail for the previous tenants despite returning mail with ‘no longer at address’. I’ve actually recently started telling telemarketers that the people they are calling for are dead, so now I can do the same with the mail.

    • Hi Brian,
      We are just about to launch another product called the Gone Away Suppression File. It would be better if you registered on this instead of the Bereavement Register. If you would like to email the details of the previous tenant and I’ll make sure it’s added to the correct file

      • Typical fucking government – a specific service for everything. Why can’t the do not contact, bereavement and gone away registers be on the one bloody portal!!?!?

          • Wow, you’re right. I would steer clear of this corporate money spinner. Just like registering for ADMA do not advertise – just another business collecting highly private personal data!! Stealing more personal data even from people who are dead!!

          • more like filtering the public personal data that they already have. so they don’t waste money advertising to dead people

          • Lynxwild, Yes we are a corporate organisation.

            The Australian Bereavement Register was created to remove the details of deceased people from mailing lists & telemarketing lists. It was created because the government has refused to release the official death register. If you have ever been touched by a bereavement I’m sure you would do anything possible to avoid be reminded of their death by mailing and telemarketing calls.

            Stealing personal data? what a ridiculous statement. Not even worthy of a proper response

          • Based on your appallingly bare privacy policy I wouldn’t trust your company with any data at all.
            How about instead of a list of dead people not to contact, your lazy industry just respects existing do not market lists – or expand those lists with this functionality. Again just some capitalist greed in collecting personal information for the purposes of selling it.

  • This is a VERY good idea. Used to make me livid after my father died when companies would still send junk mail, even after we informed them of his passing. Swine.

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